Deaf Cultural Awareness Training



Do you have a deaf staff member working in your organisation, or do staff want to learn Auslan to communicate with deaf people who may access your services?

Tasdeaf provides Deaf Awareness and Cultural Training to workplaces and community support services to promote understanding of deafness in the community.

The training is available for any government, corporate and community agencies that are interested in gaining an insight into Deaf culture and language, including learning about the range of ways that deaf people communicate, for example Auslan, oral and lip-reading. Participants will also learn basic Auslan signs that are relevant to your workplace.

The Deaf Awarness and Cultural Training may be held at your workplace or externally. Please contact the Community Liaison Officer for more information:

Auslan Reference Materials For The Workplace

Tasdeaf also stocks reference books and DVDs in Auslan that are designed for use in the workplace to assist non-signing members of the workplace to communicate with signing clients and colleagues. “Auslan For Your Workplace” (Bilby Publishing) is available now through Tasdeaf. Please contact for your copy today.