Auslan Anywhere

Auslan Anywhere connects Auslan Learners to Creators fluent in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). It’s different from formal Auslan courses or Signbank dictionaries. Learners send requests for phrases they want to learn and Creators respond in short videos. This allows Creators to contribute to the learning of Auslan.

Auslan Anywhere Phone
Auslan Anywhere as displayed on an iPhone

Almost 20,000 people use Auslan to communicate daily but for most of Australia, the language is a mystery. This communication gap is especially apparent for hearing people and their close Deaf connections: family, friends and children. Auslan Anywhere better connects the hearing world with the signing one by increasing awareness and literacy of Auslan.

Auslan Anywhere is a finalist in the 2021 Premier's Design Awards.

Learn Auslan anywhere, any time, and any content you want!

Do you want to learn Auslan? or Are you a fluent Auslan user and want to help people learn Auslan?

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