More Than Auslan

"More than Auslan" explores the deep impact on the community through Auslan. It is indeed a language but it's means so much more than that. Language breaks down many barriers benefiting community communication access, culture and identity.

“More Than Auslan” highlights the deep impact Auslan has on the Deaf community while exploring the rich complexities such as culture, community and history that contribute to Auslan as a language. In doing so, this theme promotes the message that Auslan is a language deeply rooted in the Deaf community and lives of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

We all express with our hands

Everyday hand gestures can mean so many things, Deaf artist Gonketa draws on this as inspiration for his amazing artwork. Gonketa has produced a stunning piece especially for National Week of Deaf People 2021 and we celebrate the week with this tribute.


Gonketa Interview

Gonketa gives his views on his creative process and what the National Week of Deaf People means to him

All proceeds raised from these awesome products are going back into the Deaf community.

We've produced some products using Gonketa's artwork that you can purchase. Show your pride in the community by wearing a piece of it.