Census Night - 10 August, 2021

6 August 2021

Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics counts every person and household in Australia. We call this the Census of Population and Housing.

The Census is compulsory. It asks questions about everyone staying at your household on Tuesday 10 August 2021. This includes visitors and babies.

The information you provide is used to inform important decisions about transport, schools, health care, infrastructure and business.

The Census is committed to being accessible for everyone. There are many resources available to assist d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

There are a variety of Auslan videos that translate information about:

Closed captioning and transcripts are also available for most video content.

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Did you know if you use Auslan as your language, you can mention it in your census? When you arrive at the question: “Does (your name) use a language other than English at home?” go and select “yes, other”, then type “Auslan” to input your response.

See the image above for visual reference.

We would also like to thank many other organisations and individuals for their proactive advocacy work around the Census. These include Deaf Australia, Shirley Lui, Australian Deaf Elders group - Lorraine Mulley and many others.

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